The freshest organic produce in Juneau, Alaska.

To order online:

1. Login/register

2. Fill your box. 

3. Confirm your order by 8pm Wednesday for pick up or delivery Thursday. 

A few notes:

You MUST confirm your order. The inventory in the website is live and constantly changing as people place/confirm their orders. Confirming your order takes your produce out of the available inventory, If you do not confirm your order, we will not pack your box on Thursday.


Your card on file will be charged when your box is packed.

Your total may be different from the order you confirmed as it is often hard to get exact weights, and we never know when something will not be up to our standards. You will only be charged for exactly what is in your box on the day of pick up/delivery.

Pick up/Delivery:

We will send an email and a text when your box is packed and ready for pickup.

Pick up location: 8367 Old Dairy Road

We also deliver for $10, to your door and Alaska Seaplanes. You can add it your cart.

*If ever you don't get something you ordered, and it is not on your receipt, it is because either we sold out of that item or the quality wasn't up to our high standards. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, use the contact us link and we will respond asap. 

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you and our community!

~ Sierra & Renee

A few frequently asked questions:

*What happens if I forget to pick up my box?

If you do not pick up your box within the Thursday-Friday pick up window, we will charge your account $5 and deliver your box to the address on your account on Saturday or donate your box to Helping Hands.

*Do you deliver?

Yes! There is a $10 fee for this service, you can add delivery to your cart when you fill your box. We can send boxes anywhere Alaska Sea Planes flies.

*How do I pay?

We will charge your card on file when we finish packing your box.